Ok, you don’t have to have a secret plan, but you do have to have a plan if you are going to follow-through on things you need to do.

A secret plan can’t hurt though.

Think of the things you have failed to follow-through on. Think of one in particular.

How big was the thing you wanted to do?

How many moving parts did it have?

How far did you get on it?

When did your motivation run out?

What derailed you?

If you are anything like most of the people I talk to (and myself), you got derailed somewhere around the start of the plan because of how overwhelming it was.

It’s a tough thing to go from the fun/motivated part of doing something new to the cold, harsh reality of actually doing it.

The problem is that there’s no plan. There’s no plan so we are looking at everything at once at it is overwhelming. Building IKEA furniture seems daunting with all the parts and screws and crappy little disposable wrenches laid out in front of you, but it’s easy if you follow the directions and go step-by-step.

We have to do this in our own lives when we start a big change or project, we have to plan  how we are going to do it. If we get excited and jump in and there’s no plan we fall on our face and give up.

Don’t just decide what you are going to do decide how you are going to do it.

Look at what it’s going to take, and plan for the hard parts.

Know your own weaknesses and plan accordingly.

Read up, consult people who know more than you.

Have a plan.

Have a secret plan if you want.

Just have something.