It will be fun to write about what a disaster yesterday was at some point, but not today.

I feel terrible today. Pins and needles in my chest, and possibly the worst headache I have ever had. I got up and watched TV last night, but I have no memory of doing it at all. I only know because Netflix was on a completely different show, one I’ve never seen.

It looks good though, I may start watching it now.

All that being said, everything is still better than worse in the balance. Here are ten reasons why.

I have a warm, comfortable house to be in while I slowly die.

I have all sorts of options of for entertainment while I die. Like that new show I found last night.

I already have my antibiotic. It may cause my tendons to rupture if I try and exercise, but it may also help me feel better.

I don’t feel like exercising even a little, so the threat of tendon rupture is small.

I have a job where I can rearrange my schedule when a day like this hits me.

I have great clients, who not only understand the rearranging, but are genuinely sympathetic to the situation.

I have a wife who picks up the slack when I feel like this and who would do anything I needed her to do.

If I were to get worse, I could call an ambulance or drive to a doctor. It is really shocking how many places there are in the world where you cannot do this. For a vast majority of human history this was not an option either.

I can be mindful of everything I am experiencing instead of resisting it, thus not complicating how I feel by having a bad attitude about it.

With any luck, this will be the one day I am away from a career I really love. If it turns into more, the other 9 good things still apply.

Thank you for the comments, texts and messages, I will try to reply to them throughout the day.

Have a great Thursday.