I’m not actually writing about Black Friday, I just heard someone mention it on the news and decided it was my title.

Not real news though, Good Morning America. Infotainment. What a stupid word.

I am happy I don’t feel compelled to throw myself into the Black Friday thresher though, we are insane as a species. You know those products they discount so deeply are specially made for Black Friday and are of inferior quality, right?


This is one of those “what a cool world” blogs, probably as much for me as anyone else.

Ok, definitely for me.

I’ve struggled with attitude and anger lately, I think it is a combination of things.

Less sunlight and shorter days. The holidays, which I enjoy, but which also require near-constant human interaction. General tiredness. Neck and shoulder pain.

This is actually a big one, it seems to consistently thwart some of my better plans. It gets better and worse but is on a general “worse” trajectory overall.

If I am honest though, the only real problem here is my attitude.

Born of being tired, in pain, and a little overwhelmed, my attitude is the issue, not anything in the external environment or my situation.

The curved television here in the Hampton Inn breakfast room isn’t helping though.

Fine, enough bitching.

What a cool world.

Yesterday I was all the way across the state, and this is a bigass state.

We were able to hang out with B’s family for lunch, see her brother and sister-in-law and nephew, who were in town from Maine, and still make it to East Texas by last night. These are amazing things, not too long ago in our history seeing family from Maine was a once or twice in a lifetime thing. Crossing Texas was rare. Long trips are common for almost all of us these days.

I love getting to eat breakfast at hotels. Unlimited orange juice.

B just called and is heading down with Max, he is always happy to see me. My parents and Tyler are asleep in another room upstairs. Later today I will see my grandma, aunt, uncle, brother, sister-in-law, twin nephews and my niece. I thoroughly enjoyed B’s side of the family yesterday, and we had a great lunch. I am so fortunate to have the people I have around me.

This isn’t always popular, but I love Texas.

I love driving in Texas, I love talking to people in Texas, I love Texans. You can love whatever state you want. I have no issue with that. You can be all global and just be proud of being a human too if you want. I will do the same just as soon as they rename earth Texas.

It’s going to happen.

Even the whole Black Friday thing. I am privileged to not have to enter one of the 9 Rings of Hell in order to afford things for people for Christmas.

I get it, some people do it out of greed and for others it is a fun family thing (cannot relate), but for a lot of people it is how they are able to afford nice things for their family. I am very privileged to be able to opt out of this.

Man though, there is no amount of positivity that is going to make me not hate Good Morning America. This is also the first time I’ve watched commercials in as long as I can remember. It makes me thankful to be able to sit at home in silence most mornings.

See, I turned it around.

Enjoy your day, whatever you are doing. Be careful if you are traveling. Love the people around you. Smile and be happy.

Turn off the TV though.

It sucks.