Think of everything you have.

Think of how awesome these things would seem to be if you did not have them.

Notice how the mind automatically tries to switch back to looking at the things you do not have.

This isn’t the mind being difficult or ungrateful, it is doing it’s job. Our minds are supposed to make sure we are getting the best of everything, that we are well taken care of.

Looking at what we already have doesn’t really help with this, so our default is to always look at what we don’t have, what we could have.

We can re-train this tendency though.

We can be actively and gratefully aware of everything we do have.

We can learn to be conscious of the difference between actual needs and the things we are programmed by society and culture to think are needs.

We can learn to appreciate the perfection of every moment, to recognize that things are as they are, and that our stories about them are not only unhelpful, they are not real.

What you do have is right here, right now.

The comparisons are imaginary.