The world is a cool place, I think I may try to make Sundays a review of cool stuff from the week. Things I learned, quotes I liked, documentaries, things to be grateful for, etc.

I’ll see if I like doing it.

“Don’t set your mind on things you don’t possess. Instead count the blessings you actually possess and think how much you would desire them if they weren’t already yours.” – Marcus Aurelius. I think the important part here is thinking about how much you would desire what you already have if you didn’t have it. A nice way of resetting the comparison machine in your head. This quote will probably get its own blog eventually.

CNN’s series “The Eighties”. I used to pride myself on how un-nostalgic I am, but I find this slipping as I get older. This series is well-made, and is furthering my belief that we may have taken a wrong turn civilization-wise. This is probably not true in a broad sense, and is more of an indication that I am falling behind the curve a little bit, but I do miss the days when we were less atomized as a society and culture, and where we weren’t always connected to the internet. I say this with my phone and Kindle sitting next me, and Netflix on the television as I write my blog. I’ll shut up now.

I got to drive a 2017 Maxima while B’s van was getting the bumper fixed. It was cool to drive so fast and to have a stereo for a minute, but one day was all I wanted away from my truck. It was like driving a turbo-powered go cart.

I’ve really been enjoying the Art of Manliness blog, there is a ton of useful stuff there whether you are male or female or manly or not. This is where I learned to work on my ax heads, but there are articles about etiquette, smart living, all sorts of stuff.

The rule of three. Pick three things that will make your day decent and accomplish them, pick three bigger ones for the week. Breaking things down into these more manageable components has made all the difference for me. For some reason I am much more likely to do things in threes than in groups of 25.

I will make a point to keep better track of cool things throughout the week in case this becomes a thing.

What are some cool things you learned/experienced this week?

What do you have planned for next week?