“It seems like mindfulness will make it where I don’t really like things.”

I’ve heard this, or some version of it, a couple of times, and I get where the fear comes from. I think a lot of us have this picture of Zen monks who aren’t bothered by anything and don’t really like or dislike anything, everything just is.

There may be people out there who meditate themselves into complete neutrality and numbness, but I would have to say they are doing it wrong, and that it’s not healthy.

Mindfulness, when practiced genuinely and properly, does not detach us from the world and everything in it. It connects us to everything on a deeper and more honest level, but it lets us do so without attachment.

Attachment is not love or enjoyment. Clutching and clinging and trying to possess something does not bring us happiness.

We can enjoy the things we enjoy without holding on to them so desperately that we break our fingers.

There is a great power in being able to allow things to come and go in their own time.

There is power in recognizing that things are not permanent and that we don’t really own anything at all. I think this actually allows us to enjoy them more because we aren’t wasting time trying to make them last forever.

I deeply enjoy my life and many things within it, and a mindful lifestyle has allowed me to do this without the anxiety I used to have about preserving it all forever.

It has allowed me to let go of things that no longer serve a purpose and give away the things that someone else might enjoy.

Hanging on to something past its expiration date will never bring us happiness.

We can enjoy things in their time, and let them go when it is over.

This is really the only way to enjoy anything at all.