“Your blog ruins everything.”

I think that has to be the best feedback so far.

Let’s continue with ruining things.

And using symbols in the title.

I had to Google that to get it right. 

If you are on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or the internet or this planet, then you see all the motivation hustles that are out there. You see all the memes and inspiring pictures about passion. They are everywhere.



Motivate Your Life




I didn’t look those up, but I will bet they are all real things somewhere. Using 2 and 4 instead of to and for is the modern version of what using z instead of s was in the 90s.

Here’s the problem though.

Motivation is overrated and will abandon you at some point. Passion is fleeting and falls to pieces at the first dirty look. They will fail you.

Probably at some point very soon.

Like this morning because you are tired from staying up and watching TV for no good reason whatsoever.

Or when you have tried something over and over without success.

Or when things just aren’t fun anymore.

Or you aren’t feeling well.

Motivation will fail you, discipline will not. Passion disappears, perseverance lasts.

Motivation and passion are fun and uplifting, and disappear in the lightest breeze.

Discipline and perseverance are firm and grounded and are strongest when we need them most.

They aren’t as much fun to post about, but they never bail on you.

Invest in what lasts.