This time of year is always difficult.

I like the sun, I like the heat. I like how there is light in the sky out here from 6am until 10pm a lot of the year. This is the time of year when it starts getting dark early, the sun doesn’t rise until late, and the cold starts to sneak in.

This is also the time of year I seem to be sick all the time. I get sick a lot, but this time of year is even worse. Yesterday definitely went south on me. I could tell I didn’t feel well, but went to the office anyway. I figure I can feel terrible at home or feel terrible at work, it doesn’t really matter.

This did not work. I saw one client, and then spent 40 minutes laying on the rug in my office.

It’s a really nice rug. Everyone loves it for meditation.

I went home and fell asleep for 4 hours. I think. I am not sure what time I got home or when I went to bed. I do know what that guy on The Walking Dead must have felt like when he woke up in that hospital room and everything was all over the place though.

I still feel really rough.

The hard part about this for me is that I had things I wanted to get done today. I want to rebuild my fence, I need to prepare for a few speaking engagements, I really need to move into my new offices.

This is all out the window. There are few things that mess me up more than Nyquil, and I’ve taken it twice in the last 18 hours. I feel rundown, unmotivated and depressed. I can’t seem to break this fever, so I am having a hard time concentrating and I am a little snippy.

Just a little.

I can make something out of this though. I am about the watch Son of Batman with Max. I have some reading to catch up on. Tyler is here this weekend so we can play cards or videogames. It could be much worse. This could actually be fun, if I let it.

The key here is to focus on what is, instead of the way things “should” be.

This is an opportunity to catch up on things I neglect when I feel good and run all over the place. It’s a chance, as has been the theme of this week, to hang out with the people I love. It’s all in how I look at it.