I am in this weird habit of writing a lot of words and then throwing them all out right now.

Here are five easy ways to come into the present moment instead of the lengthy blog that just got deleted.

Notice what it’s like to have a body. We take this for granted, we forget we even have a body unless it is hurting or something has gone wrong. Notice what it’s like to be a human being in a body, notice any sensations, pleasant and unpleasant, and see if you can do this without judgment or assessment. What does everything feel like without your opinions about it?

Listen to the sounds around you. What would they sound like if you didn’t know what they were? What are they like if you don’t label them as good or bad? Where does a sound go once its gone if your mind doesn’t hang on to it?

Pick a place within your vision, and try to keep all of your attention on it for a full minute without being distracted. You will probably automatically hold your breath, or at least regulate it in some way. See if you can maintain a focus on whatever you have chosen and simply look at it. Not thinking about it, not contemplating it, just looking.

Focus on the mechanics of walking. Walk very slowly for a few seconds if you are somewhere this will not get you hit by a car. Try to be aware of everything that goes into a single step. Do it again.

Breathe. Don’t think about breathing, don’t change how you breathe, just be aware of the breath coming and going through your nose. Find the place where it is most noticeable and keep your attention there. Notice the rise and fall of your body.

Enjoy your day.

Be kind to the people around you.

Be kind to yourself.