I don’t know what I did, but I am having a lot of trouble with the feeling in my fingers so this may be short. I am thinking Sundays might be lighter days anyway.

5 Long-Term Goals

Find a way out of this machine where we exchange time and energy for X amount of dollars. This one has become increasingly important to me. I want more time with the people I love and a lot less time in the city. Pretty much all of my long-term goals flow out of this one.

Pay off all debt. Debt is really a devastating thing to have in life, it makes me sad how much our society accepts and promotes it as normal, and even a good thing (build your credit so you are allowed to build more debt!). I have a deep animosity toward celebrities who sell crap on commercials, but this goes double for anyone shilling credit cards. Bill Hicks is probably responsible for this in me.

Finish my book, get it edited, work on getting it published. This is what freedom looks like to me.

Keep learning about investing and things related to this. I used to think this was “un-spiritual” or base or something like that. The thing is, there is a big difference between being smart about how you use the resources you have available to you and being greedy. I don’t want extravagance or excess. I want time with my family, less time in cities and enough money to help other people. That’s pretty much it. The only way to get this is to find a way to be financially independent. I am way behind the successful people in my age demographic, but I am working on catching up.

I would like to be a kinder person each year that goes by. I feel like this has gone in reverse a little this year, and I am trying to turn it back around.

That’s it for today.

Do you have long-term goals? What are they? What is your concrete plan for achieving them?

I will apologize in advance in case I do not respond quickly.