Looking Forward

I wrote a post a little over a year ago detailing the plans I had for the year. Seeing as how we are within 20 posts of finishing the blog-a-day-for-a-year plan, I figure it’s time to look ahead intentionally again.

1) I am currently re-doing my website under jamesscotthenson.com, so I can move away from Embracing Fate. I have started to hate that URL, and I hate giving it out to people. One of the toughest things for me in all of this has been the increasing level of exposure it has brought. A year ago I was struggling with the idea of actually posting what I wrote, now there’s a podcast, and I’ve started on videos. A website with my name on it is daunting, but my attempts at pithy or profound URLs have been weak.

2) I am planning to make the podcast a more regular thing. I can tell I am aging out of understanding things because my default for consuming media is to read it. This is not true of most people anymore. I have started to watch a lot of video tutorials on different things rather than reading them to get a feel for how they work. Suprisingly, I am finding I prefer them as well. If I can just get myself used to them and make them feel normal it will be easier for me to make them.

3) I am taking a class on building e-courses, so that is one of my goals for the next year as well. I’ve had to confront the fact that right now I am limited in both my ability to reach people and make money by having to be present for anything to be going on. It’s odd for me to even think in terms concerning money, I’ll write about that tomorrow. In short, I’ve recognized that I have to find a way to diversify what I offer if I want to turn this into anything more than what I already have. I have been incredibly fortunate with my practice, and I am at my ceiling there.

4) As I’ve mentioned before, I am going back and updating old posts for SEO, grammar, and just general presentation. I am leaning toward taking a break from the daily blog so that I can pull some of this other stuff together. If I do post daily it will most likely be one of these re-worked posts, and on the new site. I have enjoyed blogging every day, but I have to ask if I can take on these other projects and still write daily. It’s not even a matter of time management at this point. I don’t have any dead space in my day (I don’t consider time with my family as dead space, so I’m not willing to compromise there).

So, there are some goals for the next year. New website, podcasts, videos and e-courses.

Lets talk about money tomorrow.