I saw a thread on Reddit a while back that talked about how there was a time, somewhere in your life, when your parents put you down, and never picked you back up again.

This is, of course, a perfectly logical, obvious thing, but it is also something that I had never thought of. I don’t remember when the last time I was held by my parents, or which was the last to pick me up, but it happened.

I also don’t remember when the last time I picked Tyler up was, but somewhere along the way I picked him up one day, put him down, and that was it. This is odd to think about now that he’s a teenager who is taller and in better shape than me, but it happened.

I still pick Max up all the time – I already have this morning, but someday I will put him down and I will never pick him up again.

Everything has a last time.

There are already places you have been for the last time.

There are already things you have done for the last time.

There are already people you have seen for the last time.

Let’s use this for our mindfulness exercise today.

With everything you do today, ask yourself what it would be like if you knew it was the last time.

The last time you leave your house.

The last time you take a shower.

The last time you say goodbye to whoever it is you say goodbye to.

The last time you go to work.

All of that stuff.

I have a feeling that even things like sitting in traffic or doing the dishes could have meaning if we are aware that we won’t always be able to do them.

The way we talk to people and fulfill our role in their lives could certainly be different.

Every time you do anything, it could be the very last.

What last times could you be missing right now?