I don’t hate selfies as much as I am supposed to at my age.

I think they can be fun, I take them with Max all the time.

I don’t even get that mad when the group of young people in front of me holds up foot traffic to stop and take their selfie.

Not that mad.

There is an ego-feeding aspect to the selfie culture that is worrisome though, there is something about turning the camera back on ourselves all the time that may not be the best thing for us.

There is also this driving need to document every situation now, to document it with ourselves as the center of attention. I wonder how many things we miss in an effort to never forget about them.

We already view the world through so many lenses.

The lens of our brain’s interpretation of different light spectrums and sound waves.

The lens of our thoughts and feelings about the situation.

The lens of how we wish things were.

The lens of how we think things will turn out.

The lenses of our beliefs and culture and socialization and everything else.

Now the very real lens of a phone or iPad.

It even shifts the focus of the situation from what is happening to ourselves, and we see us instead of what is going on. We took the time to go see something, paid money for it, and we are taking pictures of ourselves.

I am not even saying this is necessarily always a bad thing, but we can at least be mindful of what our focus is on.

We can, at the very least, ask ourselves if we need to be the center of everything that happens.

Maybe some things are not about us at all.