“To be everywhere; is to be nowhere”

― Seneca

One of my biggest problems is being scattered over too many things, leaving me where I don’t get as many things done as I would like.

Let’s get one thing out of the way at the beginning: this isn’t admirable or an example of hustle. It is an indication that I am unfocused and lacking discipline. It is me being irresponsible with my time.

I am reading 23 books on my Kindle (I just counted), and I have at least a dozen laying around my house. I have this blog and three books I am working on. I am rebuilding my fence, putting trim up in the kitchen and replacing my doorbell.

Instead of actually working on one of these, I built a collapsible target for my bow and arrow the other day.

Here is a list of my current interests:


Integrating Stoicism and counseling more fully


Norse Mythology


Index funds

Weight lifting

Masculinity in in the modern world

Living a more natural life


Creating independent revenue streams

Near Death Experiences

Nature documentaries

Cross Country Skiing


Mindful parenting

Here is a list of everything I am an expert on:


Here is a list of other projects I have in the queue:

Rebranding my office

Creating a podcast

Getting some meditations recorded for clients

The above mentioned home projects

Looking into online coaching

Looking into a doctorate

Starting a martial art

Finding a way to disconnect from the internet and still run a business (and publish a daily blog on the internet. I didn’t say they were all cohesive).

Figuring out why I like bulleted lists so much

Here is a list of completed projects:

My collapsible bow and arrow target

I am currently working on narrowing things down in many ways. We are getting rid of a huge amount of stuff and I am saying no to a lot of things that do not interest or feed me. I am looking to cut down on mental and emotional clutter.

All of these books and interests and projects cause me stress. Not because I don’t like them or enjoy them, but because they are scattered all over the place and I am not really moving on them. They bring self-judgment and anxiety. Not because I don’t want to work on them, but because there are too many.

Because I am trying to be everywhere, I am nowhere.