Perfection Doesn’t Exist

Over the course of the last year have talked about perfection a lot on this blog and the podcast. We’ve looked at how it will keep you from trying, how it is unattainable, how it is the enemy of the good.

Stuff like that.

More than anything else though, perfection is, at its core, a non-concept. It does not exist in any real way. We like to talk about it and imagine it, but if we examine the idea, it is not real.

Think about it.

What would a perfect life look like? How much money? What tax bracket? What kind of weather? Does it ever rain? What kind of spouse? What kind of kids (or no kids)? What kind of house? Do you have to vacuum? Does the grass in the yard grow? Who mows it? What kind of car? Does it need oil changes?

This can go on and on.

Speaking of spouses and kids, what is a perfect person like? Do they make mistakes? Do they ever oversleep or drop a coffee cup? Do they eat? Do they use the bathroom? Have morning breath? Can you imagine how annoying a perfect person would be?

It’s a stupid idea the more we dig into it.

It’s stupid because perfection does not exist. It’s not a real concept when we break it down.

Perfect doesn’t exist, yet we strive for it and wonder why we are dissatisfied with our lives. Perfection is an idea that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny at all, but we hold it up as the only way to be happy.

What are you rejecting because it isn’t perfect?

What good things are you missing as you seek perfect?