I still maintain that weekends are not real things.

I think I would enjoy living a life without calendars or clocks where everything was just the continual unfolding of days and nights rather than these fake cycles.

That is funny to say, because I am probably the most time-conscious person I know. My life is lived in 50 minute segments so thoroughly that I often don’t know what hour it is, just where we are with the minute hand.

Let’s look at three easy ways to stay intentional, even on the weekend.

I think, in this day and age, our primary time thief on the weekend might be our phones. I see a lot of people who just shut down and stare at that screen when they get a break, and this is affecting us on multiple levels. I’ve read a few studies about how it is disrupting the relationship between parents and babies as the child seeks contact but cannot get it because the parent is busy making a super important comment on Instagram. The primary complaint I get from people about their spouse often involves phone time, and the same applies from parent to teen, and vice-versa.

So, one intentional thing we can do on the weekend is simply put our phones, iPads, etc. away. Says the guy who crawls out of bed and immediately gets on his computer to write a blog.

Secondly, we can do the basic things we always do: get up at a decent hour, put on clothes, comb our hair, etc. It’s amazing how much these small things help us feel better.

Lastly, have a limit to how much we lay around. There’s nothing wrong with Netflix, maybe even binging a little, but 7 hours of It’s Always Sunny may be a little too much. For me at least, it leaves me feeling slightly concussed and robbed of all energy. It is tempting, but rarely worth the consequences.

So enjoy your weekend, but make something of it as well.

I am working on restoring two axe heads my grandmother gave me, they were her father’s. It will be fun.