Simple Ways to Navigate Anxiety

Anxiety is uncomfortable at best and debilitating at worst. Your Anxiety Toolbox is a class designed to help you understand anxiety while learning techniques and habits to minimize and alleviate it.

This class will take place at Playroom Lubbock on January 29, 2022 from 9am to Noon. I’m keeping the spaces limited and offering it at a discounted rate this time since it’s a sort of dry run for the recorded version that we’ll be releasing sometime in the first quarter of 2022. $50 per person, $75 for a couple. This class will be appropriate for teens, I’ll offer family discounts if that would be helpful.

I’m willing to make it available on Zoom if people would prefer not to come in-person.


Your Anxiety Toolbox seeks to give you the tools you need to help you address and alleviate the symptoms of anxiety in three ways:

By helping you understand anxiety’s roots in survival in the nightmarish world of our ancestors, we are able to see that it is simply our mind and body trying to keep us alive. We will explore what it means to live in a world of rapidly evolving technology and culture while our hardware and software haven’t changed in almost 200,000 years. This can help us see anxiety as a paranoid bodyguard rather than our enemy.

By learning to explore anxiety – mindfully and with a friendly curiosity – we see that it’s really a collection of physiological responses and sensations, none of which are necessarily unpleasant in and of themselves. Drawing from narrative techniques, we will learn that it is not “your” anxiety, but something you experience. Ceasing to claim something removes much of the suffering it brings. This will include a personal anxiety inventory and an introduction to mindfulness practices.

We will wrap up with a collection of practices and techniques meant to help minimize anxiety in your life and alleviate it in the moments when it is especially acute. Daily practices like healthy habits and self-inquiry can help minimize anxiety’s impact on our lives, while other, more practical and concrete techniques allow us to address anxiety at its sharpest and most spiky.

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I’ve spent close to 20 years working with people, and anxiety has been present in almost every conversation I’ve had in one way or another.

As a social worker we addressed the anxiety of financial insecurity and disruptive home environments.

As a campus mentor it often took the form of stress about grades, relationships, and the cost of attending university.

It was most frequent in my time as a therapist, and this is when I began to see anxiety emerge as the norm in our society. Studies and surveys indicate that anxiety may be at an all-time high right now, and that’s why I decided to create this class.

I have quite a few free resources you can look into before taking the class, and there are many more available in my Free Resource Library. There are more resources available with the paid class, including my 30-Day Introduction to Mindfulness in PDF format.

I have a podcast and have addressed anxiety in a few different episodes:

I’m excited about this class and believe it can help those of us dealing with anxiety on a daily basis, regardless of how pervasive or severe it might be. I look forward to working together! Shoot me an email through the form below to save your spot. 


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