These resources are here for you to use on your own or with a group. Feel free to share these will friend and family as much as you like.

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Guided Meditations


eBook 5 Reasons We Can’t Trust Our Wants and How Mindfulness Can Help

5 Reasons We Can’t Trust Our Wants and How Mindfulness Can Help - eBook

This short eBook explores why we are driven by the things that drive us, and why we can’t necessarily trust them.

eBook Mindfulness and Mindset

Mindfulness and Mindset - eBook

Mindset is everything. Drawing on the revolutionary work of Carol Dweck, this eBook explores what our mindset is, and how we can change it to lead more fulfilling lives.


Mindfulness for Kids Jame Scott Henson Download

Mindfulness For Kids

Mindfulness is not just for stressed out adults. These simple exercises can help us walk a mindful path with the little humans in our lives.

Time Budget Jame Scott Henson Download

Time Budget

We keep track of everything except our time. Use this time budget to see if you are comfortable with how you are spending your most valuable resource.

Comparisons equal Death Jame Scott Henson Download

Comparisions = Death

Nothing causes suffering faster than comparisons. Break the habit.

Boundaries Jame Scott Henson Download


Boundaries are crucial to every relationship in our lives. Learn about the different kinds of boundaries and explore what they look like in your life with
this quick worksheet.

A Simple Meditation Jame Scott Henson Download

A Simple Mediation

Meditation doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult to change your life. Start here.

Gratitude Worksheet Jame Scott Henson Download

Graditude Worksheet

Practice gratitude in a concrete way with this short checklist.

How to Be Present Jame Scott Henson Download

How To Be Present

Strip away the labels and expectations that cause us so much suffering with these short exercises. Peace lies in the present moment, this will help you find it.

Keys to Constructive Conflict with those We Love Jame Scott Henson Download

Keys To Constructive Conflict With Those We Love

Conflict is unavoidable, and does not have to be negative. This resource will help you work through things in an intentional, constructive way with the people who mean the most to you.

Choice Points Jame Scott Henson Download

Choice Points

It’s easy to slip into autopilot, but it rarely turns out well. Use these questions to become more intentional in your everyday life.

15 Feet of Gratitude Jame Scott Henson Download

15 Feet of Gratitude

Nothing changes our perspective about the things we don’t like in our life like honest gratitude. This worksheet can help you do this without leaving your

Mindfulness in 5 Simple Steps Jame Scott Henson Download

Mindfulness in 5 Simple Steps

Mindfulness is a deep, lifelong practice. This is a place to start.