We haven’t done a Sunday Pop-Up in a while, so today I will write about the things that have “popped up” over the last few weeks.

Max turned three on Friday the 22nd, and it was another reminder of just how quickly time goes by.

The whole point of this blog is to focus on intentionality in life because it goes by so quickly and we will all die someday, and there aren’t many things that bring this into focus like kids getting older. It’s cool how much we fall in love in with our children and how much they mean to us, and it’s scary to think about how difficult it would be to raise them without that. They bring so much disruption into our lives that it sounds miserable, but when it’s all happening it’s fun.

I am part of a few Facebook groups dedicated to business and online entrepreneurship.

They are a constant challenge for me as I learn a lot, but find that I dislike most of the people (or presentation of self at least) and general vibe they cultivate. I think this goes back to my struggle with self-promotion and the inherent disingenuousness of approaching someone with a stated intention when you actually have a whole different intention in mind. I am still trying to work out what a balance between promoting things that I see as providing value and behaving with integrity looks like.

I really enjoy audio books and encourage everyone to give them a try.

They are game-changing in a lot of ways, especially if you have a lot of dead space that could be filled with something constructive. I try to have one book for learning, one for spiritual growth and one for fun in my rotation at all times. It has been really cool.

My parents were in town for about ten days.

They gutted our old front bathroom and remodeled it, it looks amazing. I wish I had the skill set they have with that kind of stuff. Max really enjoyed hanging out with them all week, and learned how to introduce himself to people – “My name is Max, I’m glad to see you”, and then shake hands while looking them in the eye. Great stuff.

Goals for this week are to finish up a few lead magnets, edit a meditation we recorded in group and post it online, record the 4th podcast before everyone forgets those are even a thing and finish oiling the new fence my dad and I built.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your Sunday.