There are people who will support us no matter what, and people who will criticize us, no matter what.

It’s in their nature.

It’s what they do.

It rarely has anything to actually do with us.

Cheerleaders and hecklers are useful, and cheerleaders and hecklers are dangerous.

The cheerleaders give us energy and encourage us to push forward. They give us the boost we need when we are running out of energy or thinking about giving up. But, they might also tell us we are doing great when we are actually phoning it in. They may keep cheering no matter what, because that’s their job.

Hecklers, on the other hand, will boo and insult us no matter how well we are doing. They will try to trip us up and push us down and nothing we do will ever be good enough. This is their nature. They may, however, also help us see where we can improve. Every once in a while, they may just be right about what they are saying.

The important thing to remember with both cheerleaders and hecklers is that what they do is about them.

It is their nature to support or criticize, and it may not have anything to do with us at all. They are simply sharing their perspective on how we are doing. They are not necessarily sharing any sort of Truth. This is important to remember when a cheerleader becomes a heckler or a heckler starts cheering for us. It tells us that their perspective has changed, nothing else.

It is also important that we make sure we have cheerleaders in our lives, and that we listen to the heckler every once in a while.

We need support, but we also need to keep our ego in check. A life full of cheerleaders breeds fragile people who crumble under the first hint of criticism. A life full of hecklers breeds broken people who cannot see their own infinite worth and potential.

Who cheers for you?

Who heckles you?

What does this tell you about them?