I like to help people get things off the ground.

I don’t see more people in a business as a bad thing. There’s plenty of room at the table. If there isn’t, we need a bigger table.

If I get pushed off the table then I wasn’t doing my job.

Competition is good for us.

It keeps us sharp, it forces us to keep evolving and moving forward. It shows us where our weaknesses are so that we can correct them and helps define our strengths so that we can cultivate them.

Animals that live without pressure on them become weak and docile and susceptible to all sorts of diseases. Animals that live under constant pressure are razor sharp instruments of survival.

Our technological domination of nature hasn’t freed us from this as much as we like to think it has.

As humans, we tend to become the average of the people we surround ourselves with. If you are the smartest or best or most talented person in the room you are slowly sliding backward into complacency and laziness. It’s inevitable.

It is good for us to have strong competition around us, whether it is people who just make us want to be better or someone coming in and trying to do what we do better than we do it. You have the choice to use these times as an opportunity to step up and improve your game, or complain and make excuses.

It’s always up to you.

Who challenges you to be better?

Who intimidates you?

What keeps you from trying to be better?