Do you really matter? My gut response is to say yes, of course, you do. We all do. Let’s explore it though.

People ask me why all of this introspection and intentionality and mindfulness and meditation are necessary. It’s an odd question in my mind, but I hear it often enough that it must have merit. If I take a moment, I remember when I would have laughed at anyone living the way I do now.

So, why bother putting all this work into getting to know yourself of all people? Do you really matter?


You are a unique happening in this universe.

There has never been, and there will never be another you.

Your experience is unrepeatable and irreplicable. When it ends, we have all lost something irreplaceable.

You are a brand new, never-before-seen aperture into reality. An exceptional and irreplaceable stream of consciousness experiencing life and everything it has to offer.

Why would you not want to know everything you could about this?

What would keep you from trying to have the clearest perception of this once-in-existence experience?

So, do you really matter? Yes.

We spend so much time living through all the accumulations of life, rather than living life itself. We get caught up in whether or not we like one thing or another, with whether or not we like how it makes us feel.

We get caught up in whether or not something matches up to what we want and whether or not we think it is the way it should be. We get caught up in all the different meanings things acquire for us over the years and all the accumulated memories and perceptions we have of things.

We spend more time living through our thoughts about things than being with all the magical things going on at every moment.

Clearing this space and letting it be as it is, experiencing this unique and extraordinary life is all we have. This window into existence is only open for a while. It will close eventually.

You are the only you available.

It would be a shame to miss that.