Busyness and chaos and stress and rushing.

These things pretty much define our modern world.

In fact they sort of define us.

Oftentimes, if we are not experiencing these things we feel useless or like we should be doing more.

Other people will say stupid shit like “Must be nice!”.

Here’s the real story though: being too busy, existing in chaos, being stressed and rushing around are not signs that you are high functioning or some kind of baller.

Oftentimes, they are signs of poor planning, bad habits, or, like we talked about yesterday, not knowing when to say no.

But what about the times that really aren’t our fault?

The electricity goes out so an alarm doesn’t go off.

A plane is delayed or cancelled.

An influx of new clients overlaps with people you are still finishing up.

When things are unavoidably busy, the question becomes one of our response to them.

Why do we have to rush and run around frantically?

Why do have to kick at the dog and swear a lot?

Why slam cabinet doors and squeal our tires and let everyone know we are just so busy right now?

Nothing has really changed, we just feel out of control.

We can always choose internal calm, and we don’t have to accelerate our actions and our thoughts.

Be calm today, no matter what is happening.

It is more useful anyway.