I am amazed at how little consciousness I have lived with for most of my life. I will be shocked with how little I live with now when I am in my 50s.

At least I hope so.

I like to try and pay attention to the little things around me to help me stay in the moment, and by doing this I have become more aware of just how much the world is set up for me.

Here’s a list from just what is currently within reach:

I am sitting in a comfortable chair, that we did a lot of shopping to find so that it would rock, but that didn’t have a high back that would push on my head or neck. I have a heating pad on my neck, that helps a lot and was like $6.

I am typing on a laptop that I carry with me everywhere I go and which does everything I need it to do. I can type these blogs, publish them online, record podcasts and do all the accounting and billing for my office with it.

My laptop is sitting on a bamboo lap desk I was able to order from Amazon after Max broke my first one by stomping on it. He did the same to this one, but I was able to use duct tape to put it back together. The tape serves double duty by acting as a grip pad to keep my laptop from sliding around on the lap desk. Pretty perfect.

My phone is on the arm of my chair. While I often hate it very much, it is a great convenience to have. I use it to keep my schedule straight, run credit, debit and HSA cards, look things up online, listen to podcasts, reply to texts and emails (I am, admittedly, not great about this), call the people I love (I also suck at this) and, when I feel like doing nothing play Wordbase with a woman in Nevada or Trivia Crack with people all over the place. Come play me, I’m pretty ok at it. I like hoarding coins and spins. I also use it to take pictures of my family and text reminders to clients about appointments, which has cut down on no-shows.

I just used a remote control to turn on my TV, and another remote to turn on my PS3 to go to YouTube, where I can listen to all the music I want for free. I can control the volume, switch to Netflix or Amazon or the WWE Network (yep, not ashamed) or start playing a video game (currently The Stick of Truth and Minecraft), all without having to get out of the chair I started this list with.

My briefcase is on the floor next to me. It has two locks so I can carry notes and documents, and is easy to take anywhere. It lets me carry my iPad, where I actually do all of my notes and then automatically upload them to a server, my laptop, a Moleskine, a little bag with all my cords and my Kindle everywhere I go.

Don’t even get me started on my Kindle. I have 123 books on it, it weighs as much as a Saltine and it has a light that doesn’t burn my retinas out when I read it while Max is falling asleep. Barbara got it for me, I love it.

All of this is just within arm’s reach, maybe I will expand outward over the next few days.

Think about how much of this world is set up for us, how many things have been done for us by people who came before us. Think about how many goods and services are produced by people we will never see or meet.

It’s a friendly world, so much more goes right than wrong. I find I am much happier when I spend the limited amount of time I have on this planet noticing these things, rather than all the bullshit that is thrown at us to sell us a product or ideology or leader by making us insecure and fearful.