B is sick and Max is regretting his late night dance party this morning. I’ve been having chest pain and trouble breathing since yesterday afternoon for some reason, I may be getting a respiratory infection.

It could also be a stealthy heart attack or one of those things from Alien is about to explode from my chest in a spray of blood and bone.

I am good with any one of the three.

We had fun last night. There was a time in the past I would not have been able to enjoy that. I was very attached to my schedule and had a deep fear of deviating from it. I hated staying up too late or getting too little sleep.

I think this was probably a reaction against so many years of living without any discipline at all. I got invested in discipline and getting things done, and swung the pendulum too far to that side.

It is good to have a schedule, and we are happiest when we are accomplishing things. We have to temper this with the ability to step back and enjoy ourselves too though.

We need to be able to take time with the people we love, to take time to ourselves.

We need to be ok with publishing a short blog every once in a while.

See you tomorrow.