I didn’t even consider not blogging on the weekends until people asked me if I was going to or not. I don’t really see a difference between weekdays and weekends, it’s all made up. Every day is one day closer to not being alive, so I am not sure why we feel the need to act like some are more or less important than others.

I resent the notion that I am supposed to live in a way where I am always looking forward to something else, but then it is tainted by the realization that I will lose it. Everyone hates Sundays because they begin to dread Monday, and they hate Monday because it’s Monday. We are supposed to love Friday, but Friday is pretty close to Monday. And, weeks aren’t even a thing, we are all caught up in these fake cycles of hours and days and weeks and years when it is really just one big present.

I spend most of my week talking to people, and I find that there are few things that cause more suffering than an inability to stay in the present. We lament the past and fall into depression, we project forward to the future and generate anxiety. When we were in the past, it was the present, when we get to the future, it will be the present.

I plan for the future, don’t get me wrong. I have a Roth IRA and plans to diversify my time to get around the limitation of only being in one place at a time. I want to buy a building and lease offices to other counselors. I am saving as much money as I can right now because I’ve been doing my taxes wrong and need to send extra on January 15th. I am speaking at Texas Tech and Lubbock Christian in October, so I am planning those so I will have something worthwhile to say.

If you’ve read my other blogs, you know I think about the past. I look back on things I have and have not done, and try to use what I’ve learned to find peace in the present and avoid mistakes in the future. Sometimes I miss people and places, and every once in a while I fall into wishing some things had gone differently.

I use the past to determine what I can do in the present. I plan for the future so that when I get there it won’t suck, but I don’t live there. The past and the future are not real in any genuine sense; I don’t see any reason to spend time on them.

So, today is Saturday. That doesn’t really mean anything other than my schedule is a little different. It is still a day of my life, and I still have things to do. I don’t dread Monday because it will sort itself out, and I don’t mind watching Saturday and Sunday slide by because that is what time does. I just want to use all of it.

Ok, some of my time today will be used to play Stick of Truth because I just got it.

It’s pretty awesome so far.