A majority of the best things that have happened to me have not been by my own doing.

I often say that we have no business getting what we want because we don’t know what is best for us, and we really have no business classifying someone as an enemy because we really don’t know what will come out of the relationship with them.

Instead of calling people enemies maybe we can see them as oppositional forces or unintentional teachers.

Enemies are useful because they help us learn things about ourselves and force us to develop new ideas and strategies for being alive and dealing with difficulties. Just because this is not their intent does not mean that we cannot be grateful to them for the help in growing.

I can see a great number of cool things in my life that only happened because someone else’s actions jarred me into making a change or trying something new.

Sometimes we need someone to betray us to help us see that we are accepting mediocrity from our relationships.  Sometimes we need someone else’s unhealthiness to become so unbearable that we are willing to leave our comfort zone and do something new.

A story is really only as good as its antagonist, because it is the antagonist that sparks everything.

Without Voldemort, Harry and Hermione and Ron have some cool adventures and a neat high school experience, but we don’t get the same story about friendship and loyalty and life and death.

Looking back, I can see where the people I identified as villains and enemies have been my greatest teachers, and have forced me into many new things that turned out to be good. In this respect, I am indebted to them.