It is also a little weird that we have a body when you think about it.

I make these hands and fingers move as I need them to and my feet go where I want them to and all that, but I don’t really know how I do this.

I just do.

As a matter of fact, if I think about it too much I start to make mistakes, and this sentence winds up with a bunch of typos.

Beyond this is my heart that does its thing with no help from me and my lungs and my brain and all these other systems and organs that do their thing with no input from me at all. I can’t even make them stop doing their job without some sort of radical external intervention, and one that would really be harmful to my continued existence.

So some of this stuff happens with my control (sort of) and some without my control, and I call all of it my body and I think it is me so I am rarely grateful for it.

It gets me up and moving every day, it performs its task reasonably well, yet I don’t give it much regard. Because of this I have done some pretty rough things to my body over the years, and I have some fairly debilitating physical issues as a result, but it keeps going. It not only keeps going, since I have started treating it well and not drinking or using drugs and exercising and eating really well and cutting our sugar and getting sleep, it actually seems to be improving and healing.

It’s really amazing.

Think of all the things your body does for you, are you able to be grateful for it?

Can recognizing our body’s higher purpose help us change our relationship to chubby stomachs and balding heads and faces we don’t like all that much?

Take a moment to be grateful for all the things your body does right. They vastly outnumber the shortcomings.

Take care.