My word count on these keeps creeping back up, I will try to reign that in.

Being a human is hard, the process of becoming one seems to be even harder.

I look at babies and little kids, and I am amazed by everything they have to do on this path of becoming a full human being and doing all the full being things. Their hands don’t work correctly, their legs are all wobbly and clunky. They bite their own fingers when they eat too fast and their heads hit everything. If you are smart enough and coordinated enough to be reading this, it took a lot to get where you are.

Sometimes we need to stop and offer gratitude to our younger selves for navigating all the hardship and difficult learning required to get us where we are.

All the skinned knees and banged heads and bit fingers and smashed toes, not to mention the stress and struggle of learning how to talk and where to poop. Its difficult to figure out how all these weird laws of physics work. It’s difficult to fit into this social world with all of it unstated rules and its irrational demands on our natural way of doing things. We owe our toddler selves a debt of gratitude for getting through it to become the people we are today.

You had to work hard to get where you are, and the youngest versions of you had to do a lot of the heaviest lifting.

Think about younger you, thank them.

Cut them some slack if you need to.

Cut the kids around you a little slack.

Help them learn to live on this planet.

Thanks for reading.