Well, the very first thing I was wrong about today was remembering that I have a plan for Wednesdays now and wrote about the wrong topic. At least tomorrow is taken care.

I went and scrubbed my Facebook timeline a while back, back when the extensions that did that still worked because I had become deeply embarrassed by how opinionated I was, and how antagonistically I expressed those opinions. I used to get a kick out of making other people angry, and I honestly used to think I was right about things.

I cringe a little when I think about both the content of those opinions, and in how I expressed them, but the latter issue bothers me more.

We all have bad opinions over the course of our lives.

I used to think those Hammer Pants with oversized sweatshirts looked awesome.

I thought Poison was the height of coolness and manhood.

I thought sprinkling French into my day-to-day conversations like Gambit from the X-Men would make girls like me.

These were all just annoying adolescent and teenage phases and ideas, born of not being in touch in with reality and having no self-esteem. Weird and embarrassing, but not harmful.

Once I started college and got all smart, the idea that my opinions were right got put on steroids, and I think I was unbearable a lot of the time. I remember posting statuses about different topics that started massive arguments between friends and family, and I often had real-world arguments with people who were wiser than me because I thought I knew everything.

I try really hard not to be attached to my opinions these days, and I am continually fascinated with how easily they can change if I just shift what kind of information I am consuming. I find a deep contentment in understanding that my opinions are nothing more than opinions, and that they will change and evolve and I will be embarrassed about some of the things I believe now.

What are your strongest opinions?

Have you tested them?

Just because we are entitled to something doesn’t make it worthwhile or True.

But that’s just my current opinion.