Everything is a relationship.


A relationship with something is different than it being part of us, but it is hard to determine exactly where this all begins and ends. This is important because it is harder to justify taking things personally when they are a relationship between two things rather than something that is solely about us.

Some relationships are obvious.

Our significant others, our kids, our friends, our coworkers, etc. These are obviously not all about us. We have these other people trying to make things happen for themselves and trying to bring their desires to fruition. We, if we are not mindful, are doing the same thing. Whatever the case, these exist outside of us. They are doing their thing, we are doing ours, it’s how these things interact that cause us contentment or struggle.

Actually, it is our perspective on (or relationship to) how these things play out that cause us contentment or struggle.

I know it’s weird to think of things in this way, but everything is really just a relationship and we can choose who and how we want to be in relation to it. For real, everything.

Things happen to us and around us and inside of us, and we have to decide how we are going to react. We have to choose our position toward these things. This will change the nature of the relationship to those things.

I like this because it keeps us focused on what we can control and leaves the rest where it belongs. To chance or fate or karma or the Norns or in God’s hands. However you quantify that uncontrollable aspect of life, which is most of life.

Choosing our relationship to everything changes everything.

It is where our power lies.

It’s really the only power we have.