The title makes this sound like this is going to be all hippy astrology type stuff.

And maybe it is.

I really liked Jupiter when I was a kid, probably just because it has the same first letter as my name.

Kids are easily impressed.

This very unimpressive shared attribute led me to read more about it, and I learned that Jupiter protects us from a lot of space debris and Armageddon-like situations, taking the brunt of attacks from asteroids and comets and teapots and whatever else, as well as using it’s gravity to keep all the other space trash from ramming into us.

It’s also where girls go to get more stupider.

I am so fortunate to do the kind of work I do, I don’t think there are many jobs where someone is regularly surprised/inspired/educated by the people they work with.

I was speaking with someone recently who has gone through multiple surgeries and procedures since they were a baby, and I was struck by just how resilient and adaptable the human body is, and how much it performs a similar function for us as Jupiter does for the planet.

Our bodies are pretty amazing, yet we are prone to criticize and berate them for the smallest imperfections and focus on the things that don’t work right.

Think about everything our bodies do for us.

For the purpose of simplicity, set aside the idea of what constitutes “us” for a moment. We can get back to that tomorrow.

Our bodies protect us from the elements, from rain and sun and snow and projectile dirt, if you live near me.

They help us get around, they carry things and they endure pain and injuries. They survive car wrecks and fistfights and falls and drunken binges and running into low hanging shelves. They get sick with the flu and strep throat and cancer and they try to heal and get better and keep us in this game of being alive for as long as they can. 

On top of all that, they give us a place to house this weird thing called consciousness in the first place. I can’t say whether or not having a body is always necessary to having consciousness, but I can say it is as far as my very limited experience goes.

See if you can be grateful for your body today, no matter what it looks or feels like.

Don’t focus on how it should be skinnier or have bigger muscles or a better face or hair that isn’t thinning out. Don’t think about it hurting or being tired or sick.

Thank it for all it has been through for you, and for all the little things it does for you every day.

Notice all the things it is doing right, and how well it performs it’s most basic function: keeping you here.

No matter what else is going on, that is something.