I wonder if complicating things makes us feel grown-up.

Things are often simple whether we like it or not.

Most of us don’t need an expensive gym to get in shape. Just pick up heavy things and put them back down. Elevate your heart rate and leave it there for a while.

Most of us don’t need a cutting-edge fad diet to help us feel better. Just eat things that people would have recognized a long time ago and avoid sugar.

Most of us don’t need to change our entire life and start over from the ground up. We just need to do the dishes and vacuum and stop being rude to other people because we don’t feel well.

There are exceptions to these things, of course, but in general, things can be pretty simple. I make my living in an industry that seems to complicate almost everything needlessly, but the simple answers are still almost always the best.

The simplest thing that any of us can do is to just maintain the good things we are doing and add more of them.

I have these things in my life. If I just eat well, exercise, and not drink, everything is pretty easy. It really is that simple. At this point, I am cruising along, and I just need to maintain. This is true for many people.

But what if you aren’t cruising? What if your bike is in the ditch with a broken chain and your face is all scuffed up?

Start changing what you can. The smallest thing can make a difference.

Then, just maintain that change and add another small one.

Simple things are super helpful.

Make your bed.

Eat a healthy breakfast.

Smoke one less cigarette.

Sweep the floor.

Say one nice thing to one person.

Go on a short walk.

Read one book.

Sit outside for 30 minutes.

Drink more water.

Start with these, then add to them.

Find what’s working and do more of it.

Just maintain.