We’ll take a break from the whole intoxication thing for the Sunday Pop-Up.

I haven’t enjoyed the blogs as much as I usually do this week. I don’t like talking about old stuff. Most of the blogs seem to be writing themselves though, so maybe there is something there.

I have spent well over 20 hours this week working on a new website. I really hate the Embracing Fate name, so I will be rebranding within the next few months. One of the best parts about writing a daily blog is getting to move every single post over to a new website. It is giving me the opportunity to add pictures to every post and swap out the ones I pulled off Google Images with license-free options though. It’s also letting me re-number in all the places I made mistakes. I went through and did this a while back, only to find I’d missed a mistake on the 6th post. That took a while to sort out.

We took Max to his first movie this week.

We saw Despicable Me 3 at the Alamo Drafthouse. It was completely forgettable. One of those movies that they phoned in because they know people are going to show up no matter what. Christian-themed movies seem to bank on this built-in audience. I always wonder if there are Muslim/Buddhist/Hindu oriented movies that do it in other countries.  Anyway, the villain In Despicable Me was another 80’s era nostalgia trip that seems very popular right now, so I enjoyed that. Max loved the experience and still talks about eating popcorn with the bad boy and the lasers.

I watched Logan with B this last week too. I was really impressed with just how good it was. I ran out of love for Logan/Wolverine in the mid-90’s when he was on every superhero team and had like 9 different titles to his name, but this movie reminded how much there is to love about him. I really enjoyed the little girl in the movie and how feral she was too.

It’s funny how most every movie we see these days seems centered on an apocalyptic or near-apocalyptic future.

It’s like we’ve given up all hope for anything good coming our way. The constant drumbeat of doom from the news media cannot help. Deep down, we all want the world to end, just a little bit. It sounds interesting and fun and would force us into recognizing our existence as being about more than a new car and what the lawn looks like. Maybe it taps into some primal desire to survive instead of just being alive.

Or maybe we are watching it because we want to familiarize what terrifies us.

Who knows.

I’ve had a few people throw out ideas and questions for future posts, I will start on those once we wrap up this intoxication series. I have a big project I am starting today to surprise Barabara with when she gets back from training in Austin. She keeps trying to catch me off guard with questions so that I will tell her, but I’m not 6 so it doesn’t work.

I hope everyone has a great week, thank you for reading.