Diet is a struggle for me.

I think that when I quit drinking and using drugs and all that kind of stuff, I felt like I could coast and do what I want. I’ve coasted for a very long time now.

Remember, though: all struggle is chosen, and this is no different.

I choose to struggle when I eat what I shouldn’t, or when I even start to entertain the idea of eating things I shouldn’t. I create that fake debate where the outcome is predetermined and I eat a bunch of unhealthy shit.

I am writing this right now because B and I are starting that Whole 30 thing today, so it seems appropriate. It also creates accountability for me, and leverages my ego against failing to make a change.

We are what we eat.

This is cliché so we don’t pay much attention to it, but its cliché because it is true. There is no way we can eat a bunch of garbage and not suffer any ill effects. It’s like putting sugar water in your car’s gas tank and then wondering why you aren’t moving.

The difficult part is how obscured everything has become these days.

Having access to so many things has allowed us to be pulled off our path and into the weeds. So much of the stuff we eat is not food, but this weird mixture of chemicals and things that may not make us die right away, but are not “food” in any real sense.

So that’s my goal from here on out, to eat food and nothing else.

It seems simple, and it should be, but we live in such a weird world now. Just getting prepared for it has been harder than I thought it would be.

Be mindful of what it is you eat today.

Is it really food?

Does it serve the purpose of providing you with nutrition and fuel, or does it serve some other purpose, like comfort or relief from boredom?

I’m not a fan of our societal constructions of beauty or the unreachable standards of much of the fashion and health industry, but I am also not a fan of people who say that what we eat is irrelevant and we are “healthy” if we say we are. There’s a reality at work here that doesn’t care about our post-modern deconstructions of colonialist/patriarchal norms, a reality of garbage in/garbage out. It’s math.

What are you putting in?

What are you getting out?