I feel at home on the road.

It is funny to look back at how much of my life has been spent moving from one place to the next now that my favorite place in the whole world is at home with my family. I can admit now that being on the road was how I stayed one step ahead of all the stuff I didn’t know how to deal with when I was younger.

I am not a good traveling companion.

My default is to drive in silence, an audiobook if not that. Not even good books either. Books on Zen and mindfulness and how to build better habits. I have literally two songs on my phone, and they are both for Max.

I like going through small towns and talking to the people working there. I like looking at houses and places where people hangout. I am from a very small town myself (I am headed there today). It’s easy to dismiss small towns, but a lot goes on there.

Every human’s life is important to them, and each life has as much depth and importance as another.

Traveling often brings me closer to a lot of the stuff I tried so hard to leave behind me, and this is an opportunity to purify it all by mindfully accepting the experience it brings.

To work with it as it is instead of how I wish things had been or rewriting history. To learn to forgive a younger me that I have hated and blamed for years and years.

It’s a long process.

What are the things you push away when they arise in consciousness?

What would happen if you simply let them be there?

Have you asked them what they need from you?