The second we say “mine” in relation to anything we are distorting our perspective.

My house.

My job.

My wife.

My kids.

My beliefs.

Nothing is ours in any real sense.

Other people can come and go as they please, and they will always have a private internal work we have no access to. Someone else will live in your house eventually, you will retire from the work you do. Your kids have their own worlds and lives. None of it is “yours”.

We get to share time with people and in roles, but that is it.

This isn’t even really “my” blog, it’s a synthesis of things I’ve learned from others, which was a synthesis when they shared them. There has not been a single original or unique idea in 247 posts, and there will not have been when I hit #365.

Our beliefs are no different.

They are handed to us, pre-packaged, and we form a profound attachment to them. They determine how we treat people, how we treat ourselves what we think about the basic nature of reality, but we never really examine them because they are ours. We will fight people who seek to challenge them, or even just because they don’t share them.

It’s weird.

Think about what you believe.

Why do you believe it?

Do your beliefs serve you, or do you serve them?