Everyone makes mistakes.


Some are small, like putting salt in your tea instead of sugar. (I’m convinced that putting sugar in anything is also a mistake, but it tastes better than salt)

Some are medium sized. You lose a customer at work because you forgot to fix the mischarged item on their credit card.

Some are big. You leave the stove on and burn half of your kitchen to charcoal. You forget the cash deposit from your job on a bench at the bus stop.

Some are massive and life changing and destroy everything. Getting addicted to pills or hitting someone in your car while intoxicated. Cheating on your partner or stealing from your job and getting caught.

Life changing mistakes are real and they are terrible and often leave us feeling alone and hopeless and empty.

They feel irreversible, and they are. Everything is really, some things are just easier to fix to make them look like they never happened. But, everything in this world is the same when we get down to it.

We can, at any moment, make choices that work against the mistakes we’ve made instead of feeding them and making them worse.

The problem is that we get so locked into crying about the consequences of our mistakes or blaming other people for them that we keep making choices that prolong the effects (which we then cry and blame others for, ensuring a very nasty cycle we have to break out of).

What mistakes have you made recently?

How have you dealt with them?

What are doing to correct them?

What are you doing that will prolong the consequences?