Welcome to the Sunday Pop-Up, where I write about whatever pops into my head. 

I am in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and I overslept by a solid hour. B wrestled again last night, it was definitely one of our favorite promotions so far. I really like Oklahoma. I really like the people I met here and I like the scenery.

My comfort zone is constantly tested with all of this traveling and so much activity in our lives.

More than anything it has reinforced my belief that statements like “that’s just not me” or “I am not that way” don’t mean anything at all. I much prefer being home and not around large groups of people (or people at all), but I have watched that change over the past few months as I have gotten adjusted to being different places and in a lot of different crowds.

I wonder why we get so tied to an identity or notion of who and how we are that we don’t want to change it.

It causes trouble between couples all the time, and I know it only makes me unhappy when I get invested in some aspect of my personality and start believing it is real.

Switching topics.

I really like Alaska State Troopers on Netflix. I’ve watched the whole series a couple of times now, I like having it on in the background. There was one part where they were talking about how there was a big problem with eagles attacking people, to the point that the troopers had to escort kids back and forth to school.

I would really like to live somewhere where animal attacks are a genuine issue.

We survived the first of Tyler driving with no disasters or even any near misses, as far as he told us. I do find myself tempted to follow him everywhere on the Find My Friends app, which is a good illustration of the illusion of control. What could that app really tell me? How will it allow me to help in any way more than I will be able to when he calls if something happens?

Our minds just like to latch onto anything that gives the comfort of control, but it actually only creates anxiety.

I am going to wake everyone up and hit the road. Have a great day.