Future Plans

Man, we are creeping up to the one year mark. I am a little conflicted as to what to do once my one-year commitment is up. I have a few options I am considering.

1)    Keep writing daily, producing new content.

2)    Edit and re-work old posts, improving them and posting one each day.

3)    Cut back on blogging and commit to putting out one podcast per week.

4)    Something different I have not considered.

Message me and let me know what you think. Or leave a comment. Or text me. Whatever works for you. Whatever the outcome, I plan on creating something everything day no matter what because it has changed my life for the better, we just need to figure out what that looks like.

For real, tell me what it should look like.

Putting Yourself Out There

I am hoping to do some cool stuff over the next few months. A friend encouraged me to look at some new avenues last week, so I am working to set up a Patreon and do some things on video. I struggle with the idea of doing video. It was difficult for me to even publish a single blog post, much less a daily one. The difficulty I had in producing a single podcast episode was the topic of that first podcast episode, and I still dislike putting my voice out there. Making a video or doing FB live is a whole different animal, but enough people have asked that I can see which way this is all going whether I like it or not. Let go or be dragged I suppose.

I finished Ozark on Netflix. I enjoy person-centered (is that the same as character driven?) shows. It isn’t for everybody, but I thought it was pretty good. I like the Langmores if you happen to watch it. Once again, it is not for everybody.

I want to thank everyone who reads this. I enjoy writing it because of the people who read it. I appreciate the feedback and the comments and the messages and conversations I get to have because of it. All of that only happens because you take the time to read it, and I am grateful.

Enjoy your day.