Shifts in Perspective

My numbering and the date I started posting daily (September 19th) are not matching up, so I am going to go with the date and write three more. I assume I screwed up the numbering. I doubt the calendar is wrong.

It is funny how much of a role perspective plays in things.

I got locked into this idea of finishing this today. I realized I would not, now it feels like a difficult thing. I have written at least 362 of these, but three more is a chore. That’s bad math.

Disappointment is one of the harder things for us as humans. Our brains are not well-equipped for it. Once we think we are getting something we pretty much see it as ours, so what we already have becomes unsatisfying.

You think you are getting a raise. You don’t. Your current rate of pay now feels inadequate

You think you are getting a promotion. You don’t. Your current job now feels mundane and unsatisfying.

You think you are getting a new car. You don’t. You now notice all the things wrong with your current car.

The list goes on and on.

We get accustomed to things very quickly. It feels like our brain gains momentum in a particular direction and it is hard to “reverse” it, but if we look, nothing has changed. It’s all perspective. The momentum is an illusion. Things are as they have been for a very long time. Our perspective has shifted, nothing else.

So I write every day as I have done every day for close to a year. I have enjoyed it 99% of the time. There is no reason these last three need to be any different.

Enjoy your day.