Welcome to the Sunday Pop-Up, where I write about whatever pops into my head.

I have decided to take at least a month off from blogging once I hit the full year. It’s not that I don’t like writing this or getting it ready each morning, it is honestly just because I cannot find anywhere else to cut time from to work on a few other things. I just don’t know where else to shift – I really don’t have a lot of time I just waste. After I get some things rolling and get in the groove of doing them, I will go back to blogging if anyone still cares about it.

We are up in New Mexico right now. It was a rough drive. I wound up throwing up and feeling sicker than I have ever felt – it was weird. I was shaking and couldn’t hold my head up, but a good night’s sleep made a huge difference. Barbara and I went hiking today and we spent the evening around the campfire with family and friends. I feel like I have been on vacation for a week. Time with good people is important.

It seems like we may be looking at some difficult economic times in the near future, most notably in relation to gas prices. Unfortunately, this applies to everything associated with gas, which is everything else. It might be time to put a little money aside so that we can help ourselves and others. One cool thing about tough times is the way you see the best come out in so many people. Sure, the worst comes out in others but they are a small number compared to everyone else.

It’s a cool world, with a lot of cool people in it.

Enjoy your week.