It’s been a while since I did a gratitude blog, so here we go. I’m giving myself a 10-foot radius to find ten things to be grateful for.

My Wii. Yes, the old one. I have been playing through Ocarina of Time with Max, and he loves it because he thinks it is him on the screen. I am grateful for my family and everything we have.

My meditation cushion. I am still grateful that meditation came into my life, and that it is something that I get to share with others. How do I get to make a living the way I do?

Our coffee table. A friend gave me this old-school super sturdy coffee table they got in Germany. It is tough as nails so Max can play on it, and it has these lines on it that are perfect for lining up our cards when Tyler and I play Magic.

A jar of water next to me. I have decided to cut coffee out in the morning so that I can work on fasting for 12 hours every day. I am grateful that I even have the desire to do this because I used to be very disinterested in stuff like this, and I am grateful that I have people in my life who tell me that even coffee counts as breaking a fast, so it has to go.

As much as I hate it sometimes, I am grateful for my phone and everything it allows me to do. I am able to run my business, keep up with email (poorly), sift through a wealth of information online, and learn Mandarin (very poorly), all literally in the palm of my hand. What a cool time to be alive, even if it is occasionally terrifying.

The last dog, asleep on her bed. We are down to three animals, only one of which is a dog. My cats are both gone, and so are the other two dogs, so it is nice to still have one.

A clean house. We’ve been working on picking up more often instead of having to spend hours on the weekend, and this has been going pretty well. It can be difficult with a toddler and two people who work more-than-fulltime, but once it became a habit it hasn’t been bad.

A full schedule on my calendar. I have been super fortunate in opening an office and having clients, as well as having other projects I like working on. I feel like boredom is a terrible affliction for many people, and I have been fortunate to escape it.

The silence in the morning. I enjoy these first hours before things get moving and it is time to help everyone start their day.

A blog to write every day. I need to write a blog on how just writing a blog has shifted so many habits for me.

Gratitude is everything.

It shifts our attention away from the things we are not happy with over to the things that are going right.

There are always more things going right than wrong, starting with the fact that we are alive to witness any of this in the first place.

I am also grateful to have people who read these things I write, thank you.