This has been a difficult week for sleep.

For all my big talk about being a loner and needing my space, I have slept about 3-4 hours a night since Barbara and Max have been out of town. I am doing this weird thing where I sleep until 2 and then get up and do stuff until around 5, before going back to bed. It works fine until I have to be at the office early and can’t get any extra sleep.

It just feels weird here at the house without them or Tyler around. It’s all empty and echoey and haunted. My body is going into this weird tailspin, but they got home last night so it should start getting better.

Shifting gears.

I’ve developed a serious interest in plants and stuff for some reason, and I am working on planting native species around the house. Barbara and I are going to grow some vegetables next year too, which should be fun.

We had a great trip to the mountains, I got to see some old friends and spend a lot of good time with my family.

Tyler and I did some backpacking and spent the night in a cool little meadow. Max spent every day throwing rocks in the river, possibly enough to have shifted the geography of Northern New Mexico. I really enjoy traveling with my family and just getting time to hang out and talk with Barbara. She’s a pretty cool chick.

I really enjoyed Netflix’s Castlevania series this week, it was kind of a bummer that it was only 4 episodes long. Really odd to see a video game adapted well, they are usually a disaster. I would like to take Barbara and Max to see Despicable Me 3 because Max really likes the Minions. He likes them enough they have actually grown on me. Moana is our current favorite though.

“You’re Welcome” and “Shiny” are my favorite songs right now.

My life is in no way my own.

The theme for this next week seems to be exploring intoxication as of right now.

The theme of the blog, not my life.

I may change it if it doesn’t pan out though. I am sure I can get at least one blog out of it though.

Have a great day.