A nice, light blog today.

I’m not well-traveled.

Apart from some ill-spent time in Juarez I’ve never left the country. I really like being in Texas, and the only time I really feel the need to leave this state is to go to New Mexico. I enjoy going to the same places over and over, I like mining them for as much as they have to offer and developing a deep relationship with them. And, I don’t like driving in unfamiliar places.

Someone asked me about world travel, and there are places I would like to go. This is a list of them.


I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, I even had money put aside for it and I have a guidebook I’ve read through a dozen times. I would like to see the Zen temples and Mount Fuji. I would like to experience Shinjuku and just see what it is like to be in a society that is widely regarded as confusing as hell but always safe. I would also like to see the cranes up in Hokkaido.


I am super fascinated with the older cultures that have so little written about them, and I would like to see Machu Picchu. I’ve researched how you can hike there from one of the major cities camping along the way, and that seems cool.


I pretty much just want to move here. It seems like a place with overwhelming beautiful natural environments and not a lot of rules. The people seem pretty independent and willing to leave you alone. All cool things.

New Hampshire.

The state motto is Live Free or Die and it looks beautiful. I’m in.


As I mentioned a few weeks back, I order a guidebook to Iceland in the middle of the night as I am prone to do. I’ve been reading it, and I would really enjoy going over and driving the ring road that circles the country and checking out the hot springs and volcanoes.

Patagonia. Specifically, Tierra Del Fuego.

I am not sure what fascinates me about this place, but it always has. It seems so remote and uncompromising, just harsh beauty everywhere.

I would also like to visit La Paz in Bolivia, the Chiapas in Mexico, Antarctica, Russia and the Pacific Northwest, but I can’t really think of anywhere I wouldn’t find interesting.

The thing is, I am pretty happy where I am too.

I like driving to East Texas to see my grandma and to the Hill Country to see my parents. I really like going to Northern New Mexico. I think I’m a fairly simple person. Maybe just easily entertained.

Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world? What draws you there?