This has been a difficult week in a couple of different ways.

I am learning I cannot go without sleep like I used to. Staying up two nights on the weekend has killed me this week, and I think the 90-mph blowing dirt we live with this time of year isn’t helping. I’ve also been keeping my sugar below 26g per day, so my body is rebelling. Max caught the stomach bug going around, so I had to rearrange clients this week to be home with him. I really hate inconveniencing my clients, but vomit and fevers have their own agenda. My dog is really sick too, we are trying to nurse her back to health with about a dozen different medications. We’ve lost all of our animals over the past 3 years, she’s the last of the big pets. I don’t generally consider my job to be difficult, but this week was. 

All that being said, I am still conscious of the fact that I have already won at life.

I have a family that loves me and likes me, and I love and like them. I don’t really have unhealthy conflict in my life with healthy people. Even with unhealthy people we are usually able to find a way to bring something constructive out of it. My wife is an independent professional wrestler who teaches kids in China English every morning. We are paying pff debt every single month. Tyler is a unique kid who really doesn’t care if people make fun of what he likes and he doesn’t let it change what he does. He’s also a hard worker and got a job at Sonic this week. He’s going to wear skates and everything. Max is my little partner in everything. He sat at the vet with me for 3 ½ hours yesterday and we watched octopus videos the whole time. He only cares about octopuses and robots. I love my parents and my parents-in-law. I love my job and my clients. I love living in Lubbock.

Like I said, it doesn’t really matter what happens, I’ve already won.

I do not know that the podcast will be a weekly thing until the blog is no longer a daily thing. I enjoy doing both of them, but I have to be careful about how much I commit myself to. A few people have already cautioned me about this, I try to listen to the people who love me and are wiser than me these days.

I am looking forward to blogging less frequently once this year is up, I think I can craft better posts and do more research on them when I am not trying to produce something every day. I would also like to have some more continuity and flow to the blog, I think I can do that starting in about 163 days. It’s really flown by.

I am really enjoying One Punch Man on Netflix. It’s just awesome and fun. Tyler told me about it, and I have been glad he did.

Take care, enjoy your week. Look at all the ways you’ve already won.

Being born at all is one of them.