Straight to point today, it’s almost as if I am running way behind and can’t afford any fluff.

Notice 5 neat things around you (everything is neat, btw). I like the way my cat sits with his feet tucked underneath him, the way I can faintly feel the air from the vent, how my dog is curled up into a little ball, the afternoon light filtering through the curtains and how Max is playing his guitar with a waffle.

Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your nose. Notice what it feels like to breathe, notice how you experience it differently in different parts of your body. Let your belly expand and contract. Watch the mind, notice when you get distracted, bring it back to the breath without criticism.

Notice anything you are unhappy with and ask yourself what it is like if you release all comparisons. Is the problem with the racket of a guitar being played with a waffle (also with a paint stirring stick now) or with my judgment of the racket? Is it really bad in and of itself, or is my wish it was different at fault?

Name 5 sounds in the environment around you, without judgment, just noticing them as they are. My neighbor weed eating the alley, a fly buzzing by my head, the clicking of computer keys, the ram cracking his neck on Zootopia (I have seen this at least 15 times now), Max saying “my but” because that’s how he says foot and just tripped over my briefcase.

Think of whoever you have the most love and compassion for. Bring them to mind, feel how much you love them, how many good things you want for them. Be aware of this feeling, let yourself experience it. Apply that same feeling for yourself. Let yourself have love and compassion for yourself and whatever you might be experiencing. Rinse and repeat.

Enjoy your day.

Whatever you are doing right now is unique and will never happen again. No matter what it is, being here to experience it is magical.

Take care of yourself.