I don’t want to write anything today.

I am tired, I am approaching burn out, and there is not a single thing that seems interesting to me.

And this is why a daily blog has been so good for me.

I wrote about keystone habits and how shifting one big thing can change your life a while back. I cannot think of anything that has done this more significantly in my life than writing a blog every day.

In theory, writing a blog every day would affect the first 45-90 minutes of my day and be done there, but, like so many things, it has spread into my day in significant ways.

The discipline of writing every day has created discipline in other areas of my life.

Like I said, I don’t want to write today. I have noticed a general struggle in all areas of my life lately, I probably need to take a break from the office (I am in May). I have noticed some compassion fatigue, and some straight-up fatigue. 

But, because I do this every day, I am up and I am writing. It wasn’t even a question for me, because this is what I do now, and this is good for me. I am up and I am moving and things will get better from here. Discipline.

Blogging every day has put me in touch with people I wasn’t in touch with before, and has turned some acquaintance relationships into much more intentional relationships.

I have learned a lot about some of the people in my life, and that has been cool. There is also this unique feeling of knowing people I am not friends with are reading this through the unfamiliar email addresses that have subscribed. That is a cool feeling. If they get in touch with me, it’s one more intentional relationship in my life, which is even cooler. 

Blogging every day has helped me get past the need for perfection.

It’s not easy for me, but on days like today when I can tell my writing is choppy and feels uninspired, I am able to let the best I can do be the best I can do. In the past I would have scrapped this and given up because it’s what I did. If it wasn’t perfect, I wouldn’t put it out there for anyone to judge. Since nothing is perfect, I never put anything out there at all. Simple. I would not have launched the podcast without blogging every day first.

All of this together has made me much more intentional in my daily life.

I am more intentional with my time since I have less of it, and I am more intentional with my attention as I look for things to write about. I have learned more about the internet and computer stuff than in my entire life up to this point, and I still have a lot to learn. It’s cool.

Changing one simple habit can change your whole life. Pick yours.