What are the things you wish your kids would just take your word for?

This was a good question.

In general, I think that a lot of what parents freak out about is not worth it.

A lot of stuff is just part of growing up, and that is all there is to it. It doesn’t have a deeper meaning or moral context. This is what I wish they would listen to though.

Don’t drive under the influence. I think this generation is pretty smart about this, but there are always exceptions. It only takes one exception for you wind up dead.

Don’t text and drive. I don’t care how good you think you are, you suck at driving while doing this. Plus, the next time I miss a green light because you were too busy Snapchatting to look up, I may kill you myself.

Don’t get what you want at the expense of someone else.

Save the experimenting with drugs and alcohol for when you are over 21. Or for never. Hiding this adds so much risk for kids, and puts them into relationship with people they shouldn’t necessarily be in relationship with.

Do well in school. Get scholarships. Stay out of student loans. Definitely do not drop out.

Stay out of debt period.

Don’t buy into the nonsense that high school is the best days of your life. I feel really sorry for anyone who peaked at 17.

Learn another language.

­­Put your phone down. Learn to talk to people in real life. Go outside.

Learn to fix things yourself, this saves so much money.

Understand that being offended or having your feelings hurt doesn’t really mean all that much.

Be on time, work hard. This makes up for a lot.

So many things that seem huge now will not seem this way for very long. Give it a few days before reacting.

Don’t post everything on social media. It stays there forever, and you will regret it someday.

Irony is overrated and lazy. Sarcasm is even lazier.

I think it’s a tough world for kids these days, and I think they are often navigating without guidance from their parents. I had guidance, but ignored it and it never turned out well.

What are things you wish your kids would listen to you about?

What are the things you wish you had listened to?