Ok, Mindful Monday, I remembered this time.

Today, pick a task that you have to do that you do not enjoy. It can be anything.

These are the ones I hear most frequently:

Doing the dishes

Cleaning the house

Commuting to work

Sitting through a meeting

Working out

Mowing the lawn

It is almost always things like this. Notice that there is nothing inherently bad or painful about any of them, they are unpleasant only by comparison to what we would rather be doing. They are all neutral. There are always things coming in through our sense we can notice without judgment.

How do we use mindfulness to do things we don’t enjoy doing?

We just do them and we just notice.

The temperature of the water and the feel of the dishes.

The sound of the vacuum cleaner, the slight resistance it offers on the carpet.

The things around us and what they look like without our conditioned understanding of them. We only know that a car is a car and what it does because of conditioned understanding, what would we think if we had never seen anything like it?

The sound of words, and what they sound like without this same conditioned understanding. Notice what your muscles feel like as you move them, how slight tweaks and changes can shift the experience radically.

Notice the temperature of the air around you without using words like hot or cold.

Most things are neutral, our mind colors them one way or another. Pick a task you have in front of you today and do it without judgment.

Then pick another one and another one.

That’s all there is too it.